Monday, February 20, 2006

A portable sketching kit

I expected to be able to sketch last Friday and took one version of my portable sketching kit with me - as it happened cold weather and having partner in tow conspired against me (he doesn't mind sitting around while I sketch in warm weather and knows to bring his book - but he's much less patient in cold weather!)

So I thought I'd just show you what I took out with me. My kit on Friday for colour washes comprised:
  • Van Gogh watercolour pencils - in their very nifty folding blue cases

  • a Pentel brush with an in-built water reservoir. This works rather like a cartridge pen - releasing just enough water to moisten the pencils - but not flooding them

  • a small Winsor and Newton Wire-O Sketchbook - size A6 (10.5cm x 14.8cm) - 170gsm/80lb heavy weight acid free paper with perforations so they can be removed easily

So you can now see how neatly I write when trying out my watercolour pencils in my new sketchbook while on the tube travelling to Kew Gardens! ;)

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