Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Blogs Illustrated

Now that I've got a few posts and a track record of posting under my belt I've joined Blogs illustrated - which is a ring of nearly 300 illustrated blogs. Well when I say I've joined I've had the e-mail back to say I've been registered but it looks like the addition to the member list might take a teeny bit longer.

When I first started this journal, Blogs Illustrated was one of the places I looked to see how other people illustrated their blogs with their own drawing and paintings (as opposed to photos). So, if anybody reading this would also like to join the ring, check out whether you comply with the requirements for membership - which are, to quote Blogs Illustrated, as follows:

Member sites need to be able to say "YES oh YES, YES, YES" to ALL of the following questions:

Is your site a blog/weblog/journal?

* Do you put pictures in your blog to either illustrate your words or to do the talking for themselves? i.e are you blogging with pictures? This is not to be just a showcase for drawings, they have to be working to earn their keep, telling a story or your story or a fictional life blog, or just being there in a sequence.

* Do you generate/create/paint/draw/collage/sculpt those pictures yourself? (either in the real world or on the computer)

* Is your work original? What we're trying to say is that floaty pictures of pixies with teardrops running down their cheeks and manga/anime/fantasy wannabe stuff won't really fit this web ring. LET ME SAY IT AGAIN:::: NO MANGA, NO ANIME, NO FANTASY (MIDDLE EARTH, PIXIES, ELVES, DRAGONS BLAH BLAH BLAH...I'm sorry, but a. those things are HUGELY covered else where in the internet and b. well, you don't want to hear b.)

* Do you update your site regularly with new work? (at LEAST once a fortnight, generally)

The full criteria and suggestions as to what people should do before they apply to join can be found here.

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