Thursday, February 23, 2006

Americans in Paris

What I didn't realise yesterday was that it was the first day of a new major exhibition at the National Gallery on "Americans in Paris 1860-1900".

So, of course, I bought a ticket after my lecture and went to see it! I'm saving up the Mary Cassatt Prints - being exhibited at the same time - for later. The exhibition comprises a lot of work by Singer Sargent, Whistler, Cassatt, and Childe Hassam together with a few examples from a range of other artists. Whistler's Mother was framed by a couple of other paintings using the same design format - which made an interesting perspective. It was stunning to see Madame X next to the very large painting of the Boit daughters. Paintings I particularly liked were the portrait of William Walton by James Carroll Beckwith, Grey Day on the Charles by John Leslie Breck, Claud Monet painting by the edge of a wood by Singer Sargent.

There are a number of events associated with the exhibition and I'm currently thumbing through them trying to decide which to book for!

It's an exhibition which I'd highly recommend to anybody visiting London between now and May.

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