Sunday, February 19, 2006

Drawing a Head

On Thursday evenings I go to my "Drawing a Head" class. I've been drawing lots of people - both models and artists for ages now - but in the last three classes I've finally started drawing heads again.

Here are drawings from the last three classes I've attended.

  • A male head and a female head - both took about an hour each
  • the full size male was a quick drawing in about half an hour
  • the female head with a background took about an hour and a half, and finally
  • the final male head was about two hours

They are all done on heavy white cartridge paper - size A2 (which is approx. 23.5" x 16.5"). I use a mechanical pencil (no sharpening required) to do fine hatching marks for the shading of the form and then a 6B graphite stick to get the darker values and provide a smudgy background.

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Freiluftmaler said...

your blog is a discovery!
I like your drawings a lot. The study with the window in the background is great.
All the best

Katherine said...

Thanks Martin - that window drawing just "flowed" - I think all the best ones usually do! ;)