Monday, February 20, 2006

BlogHer.........and illustrated blogs

My art journal has been highlighted in a post by somebody who belongs to BlogHer commenting on the number of illustrated blogs there are. It then seems to have been highlighted on BlogHer - and generated a few visits to this site.

BlogHer lists blogs by women in a number of different categories. Unfortunately, although the main categories are quite extensive they don't have a category for art journal and illustration blogs - which means that the blogs of any women like myself which have been listed on BlogHer can be found all over the site - in Entertainment and Arts (which then gets shorthanded to Entertainment - not a word which I particularly associate with my artwork ;) ); in Hobbies (along with every other manner of hobby!) and Personal Blogs - and I guess a few more where the rationale is obvious to others..........

Anyway, I have now registered with BlogHer, listed my journal in the Personal category and have asked for consideration to be given to introducing a category for illustration and art blogs produced by women. If anybody else registers with BlogHer maybe you could do the same?

In the meantime, I'll be diving in and out of the blogrolls on other artist's sites as I usually do so that I can add more to my own. There are some absolutely fantastic blogrolls out there!

And I'm going to include a link to BlogHer in the right hand column.


  1. Katherine, I just joined BlogHer, thanks to your suggestion. I'd seen that designation on blogs before, but never pursued. Also, I just linked to you in today's post and was wondering if your permalinks would be retroactive. Thanks for both!

  2. Sorry Laura - Ive no idea how retroactive the permalinks are.

    I'm having a few problems communicating with BlogHer - my e-mail suggesting the categories would not deliver - so I've got a query with them through a very roundabout route, as there seems to be a problem with the contact arrangements on their website.

  3. Katherine,

    I have emailed you, but I hoped to say something public here. I am the Hobby Editor for BlogHer, where my job is to highlight women's blogs concerned with any Art or any Craft. Broad? Yes. But for a one month old website, doable. I foresee lots of growing pains in the next year. Perhaps Arts and Crafts as it's own catagory.

    Please, everyone if you list your blogs on BlogHer,make sure to list them under Hobbies so I don't miss them.

    And if you can make it BlogHer '06 the end of July, please let me know. I would love to meet the many talented individuals about whom I write. I worship you all.

  4. Debra - I've just responded to your post and indicated that I don't think the Hobbies route is the way forward for a number of reasons - not least the fact that for a number of professional and semi-professional artists their artwork is emphatically not a hobby and in no way would they want it to be represented as such.

    Also people who illustrate their blogs will not be able to find similar blogs while there is no sub-categorisation within Hobbies.

    There's also lots of illustrated blogs out there and an awful lot of very long blogrolls - including e.g. the 200 or so which can be found easily at Blogs Illustrated.

    I think the simplest way forward would be for you to lobby hard for an Arts and Crafts section within BlogHer ;)

    Thanks again though for highlighting the illustrated blog as a very special and important part of blogging.

  5. Katherine, I completely agree about the Hobby designation! It is very offputting. I don't understand people's attitude to art---there are no categories for art blogs in the various blog awards competitions either.

  6. Thanks Laura - I'll make sure that view is conveyed to BlogHer

    And I totally misrepresented Blogs Illustrated numbers earlier - they've now topped 300 illustrated blogs.


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