Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New web links - landscapes and colour


I'm adding Terry Miura's Studio Notes into my blogroll of illustrated blogs about artistic endeavours. Although he paints in oils I have an affinity with his more recent subject matter (landscapes - with a lot of emphasis on trees) and his practice of life drawing. It'll also be fascinating to see how he gets on his new studio.

Artist websites

I bought a book by Nicholas Verrall last summer "Colour and Light in Oils
as I was just well and truly knocked out by his use of colour. He works in oils but I find his subject matter, its composition and treatment of both light and colour to convey the mood and spirit of time and place to be very appealing. And ignore what Artnet has him listed as - he's a UK artist!

John Hammond is another artist whose use of light and colour I very much admire. I'm currently reading a book of his which is ostensibly about "Capturing Light in Acrylics" but is actually about more of less every aspect of being an artist and the process of painting as a whole. However since I can't find a website with an effective link he can't be added in to the list!

Katherine Hurley is a colourist working in oils and pastels (and is an ex student of Wolf Kahn). Her website also focuses on the sort of landscape subjects that I'm becoming increasinly interested in. Do go and look at her galleries of archive and current paintings if you enjoy colour.