Monday, February 27, 2006

Le ciel avec les nuages

The sky now has clouds!

This one is destined for the Views and Vistas Gallery on my website - but is it ready to go yet? I've reached the "ummmmmmmmmmm"ing stage ...............(not least because that scan stitch is looking a bit obvious!)

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Laureline said...

This is, as always and ever, beautiful, Katherine. I wonder if you might think of adding a touch or two of darker darks somewhere. I know they probably didn't exist in nature on that day, cloudy as it was and with all the blued deep space you have. Just a thought. It certainly stands beautifully as it is. Thank you for your kind comment on my Blogday post ;D. I come here everyday and so enjoy seeing what you're up to!

Making A Mark said...

I've actually done a bit more work to it and done exactly what you suggest - but thought people might be getting bored with it!

It's currently having a rest and I'll alert people when I've posted it to the website.

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