Friday, February 17, 2006

Baby Radishes

I decided to try doing the small works the next size down 6" x 4" - or, as in this case, 4" x 6". I've adjusted the price - 6" x 4" will be $75 and 10" x 8" will be $125.

These are baby radishes - teeny weeny - and the painting is coloured pencil on Saunders Waterford HP watercolour paper.

I used every sort of radish coloured pencil I could find! And I also used my Van Gogh pencils on this - and they are just dreamy - they slip and slide and you can push the colour around the paper - it's the least like "colouring in" that I can imagine.
The bit that made the difference was getting an olive coloured pencil to provide contrast within the leaf section.

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Kristen said...

Hi - I just found your weblog and am really enjoying your art. I just had to comment on the radishes here though - just wonderful! I'm always amazed and slightly baffled at people who can create such wonderful pieces from colored pencil. Maybe I'll try it sometime in the distant future, but for now I'll just enjoy the labors of others like you! :-)

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