Saturday, April 01, 2006

Painting Personality Quiz

Something to have a bit of fun with.............

Some friends and I have been trying the Painting Personality Quiz (provided by There's just 10 simple questions and then it tells you what sort of painting would suit you best on the basis of your answers.

I found it surprisingly accurate for me - telling me I should be using pastels and acrylics. I've been a pastel painter for the last 12 years or so and I've just bought my first set of acrylics!

Tell me if you try it and get any interesting results - or maybe you fooled it? ;)


  1. Ha! I took the test and it was accurate, though, considering the leading questions, how could it not be ;D. It said I should avoid pastels ( I do) and should paint in watercolor, oils and acrylics ( I do!)

  2. LOL ...ha..ha.... I did not try to fool it... honestly... but here is my result:

    "The answers you selected in the Painting Personality Quiz suggest that you'd be happiest should avoid using oils, but would be fine with pastels, watercolours, or acrylics."

    About the only thing I paint with are oils... I am no good at watercolour, never tried acrylics and tried pastels on a rare occasion.... but I love oils!

    I always paint on (oil)paper though that might have fooled the makers of the quiz.

    BTW I think the name of the quiz should be "what paint do you use" as the quiz only seems to try to find out what you are using.

  3. Well I answered honestly and have been assigned pastels which I do use - although my answers reflected my preference for working digitally with Corel Painter- no smell, immediate drying,32 levels of undo. optical mixing etc.

    As always your blog is fascinating.

  4. Teeheehee - you all seem to be having fun with it! It's good to be made to think about why we prefer certain media over others from time to time. I was reminded only yesterday of why I don't like brushes.........


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