Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Trumpetvine Travels

I'm entranced! I discovered a new site yesterday due to a reference by a member in one of the groups I belong to. And it's wonderful! Strictly speaking it's a website rather than a blog - but it does have very strong journal/e-zine elements to it.

Trumpetvine is a
"site is dedicated to the study, appreciation, and promotion of personal sketching to enhance our travel logs, illustrated journals, nature diaries, art projects and more. "
It's been developed by Martha McEvoy - who is extremely successful at keeping her name off the website - I only found it when looking at who produced some of the things on the site. I haven't even begun to explore all the links yet but I have had a good look at the two volumes of Trumpetvine Travels - which is an e-zine in pdf format with wonderful articles about travel sketching and more with lots of illustrations. Both volumes are freely available to download - but BEWARE they are both extremely large files and make sure your printer has got lots of paper as both are 40 pages long.

Sample articles include:

  • a sketching kit for the minimalist
  • sketchbooking - featuring Barbara Stecher, a Massachusetts artist - her technique "emphasises the process of a keeping sketch journal over the quality any one entry"
  • 'Moonlight Chronicles' - featuring Dan Price's e-zine
  • Traveling, Drawing and Writing - by Peter Welton (an artist I've met who is a marvellous watercolourist)
  • Fountain Pens - the ultimate sketching tool - one of the best articles I've ever read on this topic
  • and reviews of numerous books on sketching or sketch journals which I've not seen before but will now be looking out for

All in all 'a jolly good read' - and well worth taking some time over.

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  1. Neat site Katherine. There are so many 'roads' leading off from there, I could be wandering for ages. :o)

  2. I have taken this offline to read.
    I am having a proble with #2, when I click on it, the link takes me to my personal dashboard for blogger...weird
    Do you experience problems with it?


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