Thursday, April 27, 2006

Ary's Warung

Venice has the famous Harry's Bar and Ubud, in Bali has Ary's Warung. ;)

Since yesterday's post was very focused on travel journals and sketching while travelling, I thought I'd include a sketch I made on one such journey of mine. It was done some years ago but is still very much a favourite of mine and I really wanted to give it an 'outing'.

I sat in Ary's Warung on the main street in Ubud in Bali and started to draw some people while I had a pot of their lemon grass and ginger tea. And it just turned into one of those sketches where you order another pot of tea and then lunch as your sketch keeps creeping across the page until every last bit is filled. People came and went - which was a bit of a challenge - and the Japanese couple with their suitcases that I had started sketching originally finally left for the airport to catch their flight.

This was completed using a mechanical pencil and is on one of the last pages of my A4 size black Daler Rowney sketchbook as I completely filled the whole sketchbook on a long holiday with family in Australia and painting in Bali.

You can see other sketches from that travel sketchbook on my website at:

You can also see other sketches from different places in the Travels with a Sketchbook galleries on my website "Pastels and Pencils".

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  1. This is a really beautiful drawing. You have used the whites, mid tones and darks to move me through the space! Love the figure work

  2. a gorgeous sketch, I love the shading


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