Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Plein Air Painting Organisations

I've updated the resource links in the right hand column to include a number of plein air painting organisations. They're listed in the section on Landscape and Plein Air Painting - about half way down. Many of these websites are keeping up to date listings of their current planned plein air expeditions and exhibitions - and a number have lots of good photos of the plein air experience.

I confess as I got to each of the websites listed I proceeded to plunder their Links page to generate the next websites to review so I think this might now be a very comprehensive list. It's certainly more comprehensive than any seen on the websites listed. I've included all the ones which appear to be starting out (and are still under construction) but have excluded those which appear to be rather dormant.

This is the list:

  • Internation Plein Air Painters Organization

  • Plein Air Painters of America

  • Bay Area Plein Air Artists

  • Charleston Outdoors Painters Association

  • Connecticut Plein Air Painters Society

  • Genesee Valley Plein Air Painters

  • Great Lakes Plein Air Painters Association

  • Hawaii Plein Air Painters

  • Indiana Plein Air Painters

  • Laguna Plein Air Painters

  • Les Rats de Champs (The Field Mice)

  • Michigan Plein Air

  • Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters Association

  • Monterey Bay Plein Air Painters

  • National Academy of Professional Plein Air Painters

  • NH Plein Air

  • New York Plein Air Painters

  • Northwoods Plein Air Painters

  • Ohio Plein Air Society

  • Outdoor Painters Society

  • The Outsiders

  • Pacific Northwest Plein Air Painters

  • Philadelphia Plein Air Artists

  • Plein Air Artists Colorado

  • Plein Air Austin

  • Plein Air Florida

  • Plein Air Georgia

  • Plein Air New Mexico

  • Plein Air Painters of the Bay of Fundy

  • Plein Air Painters of Hawaii

  • Plein Air Painters of the Jersey Coast

  • Plein Air Painters of Oregon

  • Plein Air Painters of the South East

  • Rocky Mountain Plein Air Painters

  • Sonoma Plein Air

  • Southern California Plein Air Painters Association

  • The Plein Air Scene (California)

  • Tucson Plein Air Painters Society

  • Uxbridge Plein Air Painters (Ontario)

  • Washington Society of Landscape Painters

  • As before if anybody thinks they know an organisation which should be listed please let me know via a comment.

    Unfortunately for me, they're all organisations based in North America. Which helps with my planned painting trips to the USA later this year but even so..........

    I'd be more than happy to be able to convert the current listing into one tagged North America if I could start listings for the UK and Europe. Why is it that so many art societies in the UK seem to be so dedicated to limiting their activities to having demonstrations or talks with slides or painting a still life indoors or social get togethers rather than arranging plein air events/expeditions? It can't be the weather - as we only need to go and look at some of the photos of the weather some of our north american artist friends paint in! Maybe we need a focus or a network for plein air activity in the UK? It's not as if it isn't happening - it's just not happening on a website near me - whinge now officially over!!! Maybe somebody will prove me wrong...........please?

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    1. Gosh, you have been busy researching! You would think that the UK would be the home of pleine air art, wouldn't you? I suspect that many groups are small and local, that don't consider the need to broadcast their presence.

      I must ferret out a group here if I can as there is a wealth of landscape opportunities here to capture.

      Thank you for the link on your weblog Katherine. Its always enjoyable visiting your site and seeing your art and writing.

    2. I suspect you're probably right Jeanette but it's so difficult finding groups in the first place, it would be great if they all had one place where they let people know they existed.

      Plus for those of us who travel it would be great to know how to link up with local groups.

    3. Cora - e-mail me the link and I'll add it to the list.

    4. you may not have seen our list below which hasn't been updated in the past 6 months or so because we found that many "organizations" consisted of just a few people. Also we listed other professional groups such as CAC, LPAPA, PAPA in a separate category.

      Professional Educational Organizations

      Scottsdale Artists School - 2200 students - Scottsdale Artists School ( )
      National Arts Club ( )
      National Academy - America's Oldest Art School 1825 - National Academy ( )
      Ask Art - 30,000 artists, galleries and museums - Ask Art ( )
      Artists Fellowship - 600+ members since 1859 - Artists Fellowship ( )
      Arts Student League ( )

      Other Plein Aire Groups

      East Coast
      PAP of the SE ( )
      CT Plein Air Painters ( )
      Cumberland Society ( )
      Western NC PAP ( )
      Chestnut Group ( )
      COPA ( )
      Philadelphia Sketch Club ( )
      NY Plein Air Painters ( )
      Southern Ladies ( )
      Wet Canvas (plein air) ( )
      Plein Air Florida ( )
      MAPAPA ( )
      WSLP ( )
      Plein Air Georgia ( )
      IPAP ( )
      Acadia Plein Air Group ( )

      North West
      Pacific NW Plein Air ( )
      Coos Art Museum ( )
      Plein Air Painters of the NW ( )
      West Coast ( )
      CA Plein Air Artists ( )
      LPAPA ( )
      Plein Air Painters of America ( )
      San Luis Outdoor Painters Enterprise - Website Not Yet Active - Website Not Yet Active

      South West
      Cultural Arts Council of Estes Park ( )
      Tuscson Plein Air Painters ( )
      Rocky Mtn Plein Air Painters ( )

      Mid West ( )
      SD Artists Network ( )
      Northern Plains Artists ( )
      The Great Lakes ( )
      Indiana Plein Air Painters ( )
      MI Plein Air Painters ( )
      Ohio ( )
      Ohio Plein air Painters ( )
      Cincinnati Art Club ( )

      NAPPAP Manager

    5. I see you have done quite a bit of research looking for plein air is another one for your list:

      The San Clemente Art Association
      100 North Calle Seville
      San Clemente, CA 92672

      Every Friday, members get together for a plein air outing at various locations in the South Orange County area.

      We will also be hosting our 7th annual Paint San Clemente Plein Air Competition from June 14-June 21, with over $13,000 in cash prizes! All proceeds from this event will go toward SCAA's "Art Reach Program" benefiting San Clemente Public School Art Program.
      This is a really fun event that is worth attending! In addition to the plein air contest, we hold a "Quick Draw" competition, an outdoor artist exhibit and sale, and the Paint San Clemente Plein Air Gala, Silent Auction, and Award Ceremony.

      Our location is so beautiful and has so many opportunities for some stunning plein air landscapes (Trestles, "San-O", surfers, pier, views of Dana Point, pristine coastal California hills that border Camp Pendleton) that I encourage any and all to attend! Even if you don't enter the competition, this would be a fun way to meet other plein air artists and maybe paint some masterpieces of your own!

      We are currently updating the SCAA website to include event information.

      Thanks so much for allowing me to plug my wonderful community art organization! Anyone is free to contact me at


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