Thursday, April 27, 2006

Marissa Lee Woodcut Prints

Marissa Lee Swinghammer's blog - m lee fine art - made it to the Number One spot within the Blogtopsites Art section yesterday. The secret of her success? Her blog featured as Blogger's Featured "Blog of Note" on the Blogger Home Page earlier this week.

Marissa is an artist living and working in Boston whose primary love is woodblock printmaking. She has a wonderful sense of line, design and colour and makes stunningly beautiful prints which you can also see on her Flickr site and buy from her Etsy store.

I so wish I could have a go at print-making but I've experienced nerve damage to my right hand which makes gripping anything too tightly out of the question. I just admire those that can instead!

I've added Marissa's blog into the blogroll in the right hand column. She updates it on a regular basis as she produces new prints and shows you the process she goes through - so if you want to learn more about woodcuts and/or like what you see grab a feed!

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  1. I found this post through Thanks for the writeup! Sorry to hear that you can't take up relief printmaking.


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