Saturday, April 22, 2006

Do you ever look up?

I've been discussing how to 'look' at a potential subject for a painting recently - and in that connection how to crop a subject. All conventional stuff . But how often do we remember to try and get a different perspective on something we're used to looking at? Such as looking "up at it" rather than "at it"?

Here's a couple of photos from my visit to Tatton Park last Saturday of possible subjects for future artwork - magnolia blosson and a very old oak tree - taken while the camera was looking up (actually I got rather a damp knee when photographing the tree trunk as I knelt on the ground! ;) )

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  1. I love unusual viewpoints...the photo of the tree is wonderful.I love that gnarly bark leading up into the branches! ..Georgia Okeefe did a rather stylized painting of a tree from that's called "The Lawrence Tree" as her inspirition was a pine tree growing outside of D. H. Lawrence's home in Taos, New Mexico. A nice connection from across the pond I think. You can see the paintings easily by searching Google images.


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