Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Prince's Drawing School - Evening Talks Summer 2006

The Summer 2006 Lecture Series at The Prince's Drawing School starts tomorrow night - but I'm examining and won't be back in time so will miss it - but I'm definitely going to the one in May! Details can be found here. They are typically on Wednesday evenings starting at 6.30pm and are held at the School which is located on the Hoxton/Shoreditch borders - a hop, skip and a jump from the White Cube. Lectures this term are as follows:
  • Wednesday 26th April - Ken Kiff and "The Sequence"
  • Wednesday 10th May - Professor Deanna Petherbridge "The Poetics of Line"
  • Wednesday 24th May - Ian Kiaer "On Drawing and Model-Making"
  • Wednesday 7th June - Timothy Hyman "Bhupen Kahkhar and Modern Indian Art
  • Wednesday 14th June - Alison Wright - "On the turning figure in Michaelango"

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  1. What an interesting school - I hope that you will be telling us all about it! Makes me wish I lived in the UK...

  2. Great link and wonderful chance to fit in some lectures and drawing. I envy you.

    Here I'm struggling to find or create a drawing class. I've always participated previously but can't seem to find much of what I want yet. A nice life class and the odd sketch crawl would suit me to a tee.

  3. Whoops - spelt Prof Petherbridge's name wrong!

    Anna and Jeanette - it is an excellent school - and my "Drawing the Head" class starts up again on Thursday evening - so I can give you a vicarious classroom experience if you like! ;)


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