Thursday, April 06, 2006

Watercolour pencils

I'm not a great user of watercolour pencils but have a go with my set of Van Goghs every so often. I'm always on the look-out for useful tips for how to use them as I know some people who excel at creative and attractive mark-making involving the use of watercolour pencils!

This week I came across a couple of good summaries about them in the library which will be particularly helpful to those who would like to try them.
The summary in the second one is particularly useful for those of us (like me!) who keep forgetting all the different ways you can use them! Visit the site to read more about the following:
  • Applying a Wet Paint Brush to a Watercolour Pencil Drawing
  • Lifting Colour Straight Off a Watercolour Pencil With a Brush
  • Wetting a Watercolour Pencil Before Using It
  • Using a Watercolour Pencil on a Wet Surface Scraping Colour off a Watercolour Pencil
  • Using Watercolour Pencils 'Dry'
I'd been visiting the website as I'd begun to notice an increase this week in the number of people visiting my weblog from that site - and now I know why! Many thanks to Marion et al for highlighting this weblog in the 'related blogs' section!

I was also very flattered to be invited yesterday to have this blog featured on another site next week! I won't spoil the surprise..............

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