Friday, April 28, 2006

Drawing Class 27th April

My drawing class at the Prince's Drawing School started up again last night and I'm back to drawing both the models for the Drawing the Head class. The female model took the title of the class very literally and moved hands and feet throughout the class - a complete nightmare - and then put her sweater back on after the break! I'm used to people doing things like this when drawing in public - but not in a drawing class! It's never happened before with this class so I'm hoping it's a one off...........

The drawing fills an A2 piece of heavy white cartridge paper and was completed in just over 2 hours using a mechanical pencil.

I rather enjoyed the fact that because it's light I can now see the buildings outside the windows and in addition to the grid presented by the windows and wall I've now got a more detailed grid to measure body parts and faces against which is the grid of lines through the window.

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  1. looking forward to seeing more from your class, terriific sketch, a wonderful range of tones


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