Saturday, April 29, 2006

Two quick sketches

I was at the hospital on Thursday for an annual check-up and remembered to take my Moleskine with me. These are two quick sketches I did.

The first is of a couple in the clinic waiting area. I know this one didn't take any more than 10 minutes as I was seen very promptly (moral of the story: always choose the first clinic appointment after lunch if you get the chance!)

The second one (which took maybe 15 minutes and was then coloured from memory using coloured pencils when I got home) is of one of our local millenium projects - except it's in the background of this sketch. We have a "green bridge" which goes over the main road from Essex and the east of England into the City of London. It connects up two bits of Mile End Park which is a long linear park which runs most of the way from the formal and traditional Victoria Park down alongside the Regents Canal nearly as far as the River Thames. (Mile End Park was the temporary home of Rachel Whiteread's "House" which won the Turner Prize in 1993.......and the Anti-Turner Prize!).

The base of the Green Bridge is tiled in vivid green tiles but its underneath is actually brilliant yellow. The reason it's "green" though has nothing to do with the tiles - as it also has a walkway and grass and trees growing on top! You can see a nice photograph of it by Bob Stuart here. I was sat on the wall of the round pond bit on the left and was looking over to the right of the photo.

The 'modern' landscaped area within Mile End Park also seemed to hold some attractions for school students who doubtless were on a free period from school!

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1 comment:

  1. more beautiful pages, I know I would love flipping through your sketchbook.

    and isn't it odd, now I'm disappointed when I'm called in to see the doctor on time :) I like that sketch though as is, the unfinished areas surrounding the figures create quite a wonderful composition across the pages

    beautiful color combinations in the second


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