Friday, March 31, 2006

Artists' Kew

I'm currently keeping an eye on the Kew bulb map (which indicates what's blooming in March and April) - but need some better weather for a plein air painting visit! I keep monitoring the BBC 5 day weather forecast and have learned that it doesn't do to trust the prediction for the fifth day. I've watched predicted sunshine - and planned a trip out - and then watched it turn into a prediction of blustery rain as the day got nearer on more than a few days this month! And then watched the rain go past my window in a horizontal fashion. I christened horizontal rain "Penzance rain" a few years back due to an unfortunate but very intimate acquaintance with rain straight from a trip over several hundred miles of the Atlantic Ocean. London has felt a bit like Penzance at times this month...........

The Spring edition of the Kew Magazine indicates that there is going to be an exhibition "Artists' Kew" in the Kew Gardens Gallery between 9 May and 18 June during Garden opening times. The website introduces it as follows
Artists' Kew is an exhibition celebrating the Royal Botanic Gardens and its surroundings in Kew. The pictures will express the whole Kew experience from the botanical treasures of the Royal Botanic Gardens to the charms of the riverside and the architectural heritage of the local area including Kew Green, Kew Village and Kew Bridge.
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