Thursday, March 30, 2006

Some experimental drawings

I did some drawings while working on my red tulips. I always like to work around a topic as you get to know it better. And if I get stuck or it's not working, then I generally find that stopping and doing a drawing often helps to sort it out.

This time I tried drawing in a new way. The first one is done using sepia ink and coloured pencils on fine white cartridge paper.
The second one is on peach coloured Canson Mi Teintes and is done using graphite and a white coloured pencil.

Neither are finished. It was the process of drawing which was important rather than the finished product.

In terms of the experiment with different approaches to drawing I shall certainly have a go at both again. Neither wowed me but seem promising........

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Karen Winters said...

Katherine, thanks you for posting these studies. Yes, there is much to be learned by trying out different media and approaches ...

Laureline said...

The top one is very David Hockney--so crisp and lively and colorful! I really love this one.
PS I tried to set up a new Blogger account that could refer people to my Laurelines blog, but I don't think I succeeded.

Willie Baronet said...

I like your experiments. :-)

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