Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Michelangelo Drawings: British Museum 23rd March - 25 June

Tomorrow an exhibition opens in London which is one of those genuine "once in a lifetime" opportunities to see how the work of a true master of the arts evolved over time.

For the next two months, the British Museum is hosting an exhibition of drawings by Michelangelo called "Closer to the Master". The drawings are from collections held by:

  • the British Museum
  • the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford
  • the Teyler Museum in Harlem

Michelangelo died aged 88 in 1574 (having survived 13 Popes!). According to Vasari before his death he destroyed a great number of his drawings. This exhibition will therefore reunite material not seen together since the dispersal of the artist's studio more than 400 years ago. The museum microsite for the exhibition indicates that it will

"offer a wholly different perspective on the defining genius of the Italian Renaissance."


"The exhibition traces sixty years of Michelangelo's stormy life, from intimate studies made when he was in his early twenties to the visionary Crucifixion scenes carried out shortly before his death."

I'm taking advantage of the micro-site before I visit as it offers to me (and all those of you who can't get there) some amazing material including:

There is also a full events programme associated with the exhibition including a Mega Draw on Saturday 22 April in the Great Court - the site urges booking in advance.

Tickets are already on sale and pre-booking is strongly recommended for timed entry - details available here

So I've now got a bit of thinking to do - which events to attend and whether or not to buy a season ticket!

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