Friday, March 24, 2006

Drawing a Head: 23rd March 2006

This is the drawing I did last night at my Drawing a Head class. It's mechanical pencil with an HB lead on heavy white cartridge paper. This image is about 18" x 15". It's been added to the Drawings of People page on my website - where you can see some of the other drawings from this class.

I've gone back to the approach I feel most comfortable with - which is to provide the model with a bit more context. And last night I managed to get a space where I had a good but rather curious view of both models. They appear to be facing one another but are actually sat some 3-4 feet apart and can't actually see one another.

I've cropped a bit off the bottom, which I added late, since it doesn't actually add much to the composition.

I'm quite pleased with both faces which actually manged to look like the models this week!

And this was the last class for four weeks - I'll have to go and find some new subjects to draw!

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Linda said...

Well done -- great point of view, too, showing both models.

Cin said...

wonderful Katherine! I love your soft shading and tones, I still seem to think mostly in line and have the hardest time working on shadow shapes, and will be studying your examples!

Nina Kuriloff said...

I like this drawing very much, Katherine. It conveys a strong sense of depersonalization.