Saturday, March 18, 2006

Drawing a Head: 16th March 2006

I was so disappointed with my efforts on Thursday night at my "Drawing a Head class, that I didn't look at my drawings again when I got home until this morning. And while I didn't manage to achieve what I set out to do the drawings are maybe not quite as bad as I thought they were. So, feeling brave, here they are.

I'm drawing in pen and ink in the first - using a Pilot G-Tec-C4 with a 0.4 point. The face is much too long - I'm obviously displaying a Modigliani tendency even when the sitter isn't.

The second is drawn using a mechanical pencil using HB plus a Faber Castell clutch pencil with a 4B lead - and is better - but the proportions were still out. Interestingly, I think other people may have had problems catching the likeness as well as there was more variation than usual in the class drawings at the end of the evening.

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  1. These are both wonderful, but I really like the top one the best.


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