Saturday, March 25, 2006

Charles Sovek - Lessons from the Easel

I found a veritable feast of resources for all sorts of artists when I browsed around Charles Sovek's website after being given a link to one part of it as a reference for a project (thanks Jamie!).

Although Charles Sovek works in oil, acrylic and gouache, the material he provides about art is universal. Sadly, it's very rare to find such a comprehensive and good resource on an artist's website - and so I'm obviously going to share!

I've included a link to his main website within the artists websites section. But I'm also going to include him within the Drawing and Painting resources sections (right hand column) in terms of the three main sections of the Lessons from the Easel part of his site:

What is particularly excellent is that the lessons are all reduced down to one side of A4 - with images and the nitty gritty of the key points. It's a very coherent presentation of an awful lot of information.

Charles Sovek has been a Contributing Editor to "The Artist" and the Articles section contain text and illustrations from the original articles he contributed to various art magazines exactly as they originally appeared between 1984 and 2005. His Speaking of Art" summary articles archived on the site are also very good.

All in all this site provides an excellent range of information and good advice for those wanting to develop their skills and those who need a rethink about what they are doing and where they are going with their art and/or a bit of a refresher about some of the things they were taught a long time ago. A good place to go if you've temporarily "lost the plot"!


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