Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tulips with red stripes - finished

I've completed the work I started last week. As before most of the work done subsequently was done with flowers sat in front of me doing naughty things like opening up! So I had to go for colour on what was there but lost the detail around the shapes. However I made a great big murky mess of the shadows in the flowers and at the weekend stripped it back within the blooms areas and started again. Other work I did related to the background and strengthening the leaves and shadow.

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  1. oh this is beautiful Katherine! I love the softness of the strokes and blending, the colors wonderful clear and bright!

  2. The textured layered background, the sparkling bits of white paper left around the tulips and the wonderful modeled tulips themselves ... I like all of it.

  3. Like all of your best work, this just glows!


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