Friday, March 31, 2006

It's the same tulips........again! (but no red stripes this time)

So this is the same bunch of tulips as those you saw in the last two posts - but when they started to open up they made really nice shapes and I decided to do them again but this time without the red stripes.

So I set them up in the same place, drew them again (now much more open than before) and changed the colour emphasis. Got most of that done fairly fast and then pondered the background for days and days and days!

This is coloured pencil on Arches Hot Press watercolour paper (I'm using the 14" x 20" block at present). The size of this one is 12" x 16.75" (which is a slight mistake and this may well get cropped - suggestions welcome!)

I've also included a couple of samples of the background from scans so you can see what I'm doing. It's a sort of scribbling/open hatching approach with the hatching marks using every direction so no one hatching direction dominates. It is also deliberately open so that the optical mixing of the colours in use is easier to achieve. This also helps to achieve subtle transitions and soft edges. And it's absolutely brilliant for making coloured greys.

I hope you find it interesting - but this is the reason the background doesn't get finished so quickly. It's not the speed of doing it that's the problem so much as the speed of me making my mind up that the mix is about right!

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