Saturday, March 11, 2006

..........and another parrot tulip makes three WIP

I'm getting quite excited. I photographed my part-finished third parrot tulip bloom with the other two this morning when I was photographing the amaryllis. I just couldn't wait to see what they all look like sat next to one was the impact of the first two which made me want to do this third one.

And this is what I got. I've just laid down the sheets of paper next to one another. Bear in mind that the third one on the right is only half finished.

And then I got that nice comment from Linda on the last one suggesting I do maybe another seven instead of another one!!!

And I'm already eyeing up some more parrot tulips - can you tell they are one of my favourite flowers? But I've also got the amaryllis, the pussy willow and the narcissi to do as well!!!

What this exercise has convinced me of is the value of doing a small series of the same flower at the same time - and I'll certainly be trying this again.

I'll post the third bloom when completed together with another shot of the three together.

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  1. beautiful stuff, great balance and all.

  2. They are absolutely luminous- both literally - which they must be since I am looking at them on a screen - and metaphorically.
    They are like frames from a film that I might make if I were a bee on a mission circling around the flower (please forgive me for this ponderously pop analogy) the way luke skywalker skimmed the surface of the death star while looking for its one point of vulnerability). You can stop throwing up now. I'm done.



  3. Well Neil - that gets the gold star for the most original analogy I've ever had! [big grin]

  4. Your excitement over this series is so charming---and so merited! Really beautiful drawings.


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