Friday, March 10, 2006

Sketching in The Mall and at Crufts!

Two very quick sketches of people during the last couple of days:

Wednesday: during another visit to the Pastel Society exhibition at the Mall Galleries, I drew two ladies having tea while I also had a cup of tea and some event for that evening was erected around me!

Thursday: trying for the first time to sketch owners exhibiting their dogs at Crufts, I decided that this was maybe getting a little too ambitious since I don't draw dogs very often! This sketch lasted about 2 minutes!

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  1. Owners AND dogs! Very ambitious! I love both of these, Katherine---they are so direct, so full of vim and energy, so responsive to the moment. Just what you want sketches to be!

  2. Well I enjoyed myself very much at Crufts with with Gayle ("Fur in the Paint") and her family and the star in waiting (he got a VHC!)- right up until the 2+ hour wait to get out of the car park!

    I'm now intending to try and go to some more shows and see if I can get any better at sketching dogs. It's a question of "getting my eye in" I think. I think I'd have been better towards the end of the show as I began to get better at understanding when they're likely to stay still, how many seconds you get to draw and what the repeat poses look like.

  3. oh like these, your quick marks and shading so nice!


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