Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Catnapping #6 and #7

Cosmo (my Somali cat) absolutely adores his new bed which I got at Crufts earlier this month. It’s BIG and has just the right mix between firm and squishy plus a comfy sheepskin cover. All in all it’s absolutely spot on for a really big cat who likes to be comfortable. In fact he loves it so much that Polly (my Abyssinian) is making a bid to take it over. So naturally he has to defend his territory and it’s now his #1 place to have a quiet kip in the evening. And last night I finally found my sketchbook for catnapping drawings which I had mislaid. So here’s yet another catnapping drawing (#7). This is done in sepia ink which I'm rather fond of for drawings of brown cats.

Plus I've included a graphite drawing of him done last month (Catnapping #6) when he failed to co-operate until the end - hence no front feet!

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  1. The sepia ink is great. The way you use the ink lines to create depth is wonderful. :)

  2. these cat sketches are so terrific, love your lines and shadings, you capture the beautiful softness of their fur especially with pencil, makes me want to reach out and pet her

  3. Cosmo is actually a boy. He does indeed have beautiful soft semi longhair fur and he's very cuddley! He purrs his head off every time he gets a cuddle.

    He's also a bit of a poser!

  4. I especially like the top drawing with its articulate and gentle lines.


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