Thursday, March 16, 2006

The Pencil Pages

My reason for commenting on the type of materials I use when producing my artwork - and using this blog to share information about resources I know about or come across - is because I find that the intrinsic properties of the material I use has a very significant impact on the nature of the drawings and paintings I produce.

How I draw with a mechanical pencil is very different from how I draw with a graphite stick or hard pastel. And the differences between drawing implements which are ostensibly the same (eg a wood pencil, a mechanical pencil, a coloured pencil) can be very wide as well.

I've been remiss in not previously including The Pencil Pages in the right hand column - and following my last post decided I'd better remedy this. The site has been developed and is maintained by Doug Martin.

Good points: For anybody who wants information about pencils this is a really good website to visit. It's now been going for over ten years and is VAST and provides a huge digest of links to various pencil sites and some other information! It's also well organised so it's easy to locate the source of information you're after within the myriad references provided. You also frequently come away knowing a whole lot more about pencils after being distracted into looking at some of the other pages as well!

Gaps from an artist's perspective: One needs to recognise that this site is essentially targeted at pencil collectors. This means that although it covers some technical aspects, it doesn't really focus on how they are used for art and doesn't provide reviews or link to past reviews of the way in which different pencil products perform in practice (which I guess is where sites like Pencil Revolution site might well fill this gap).

Here's some aspects of "The Pencil Pages" which may be of interest to people reading this.

It's a site which is definitely worth visiting if you want to know more about pencils in a generic sense, like trying out different types and want to know what you've still got left to try(!) or want to know how to contact a manufacturer for more information.

(Incidentally - for any teachers and tutors out there - another website developed by the Incense Cedar Instriture provides a simpler and more accessible introduction to pencils for children and adults with no knowledge of pencil technology. This can be found at and confusingly is also called the Pencil Pages!)

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  1. Thanks for your comment on the Incense Cedar Institute Pencil Pages which were the original Pencil Pages. Of course Doug and I have long and positive correspondance.

    A redesign of our site is long overdue and in the planning stages at this moment. Prabably will involve a name change as well as integrating in my Timberlines blog. I intend to improve both the teacher resource side as well as other aspects of pencil information to complement the good work begin done by Doug's Pencil Pages and John at Pencil Revolutions.


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