Sunday, March 19, 2006

Artist Resources - more links, a new resource section and a map!

I've been surfing the web on a regular basis for the last 12 years and have become an inveterate collector of links to some interesting and useful sites during that time. One of the purposes of this weblog is to be able to share some of the sites which I've found over time relating to painting, drawing, coloured pencils, pastels, plein air painting etc.

Existing sections
I've added a lot of additional links into the various sections in the right hand column - and will continue to add more links as I come across or them (or, more likely, remember I've already got them!). The aim is to be content rich with the links so rather than providing a superficial summary of them all today, I'm going to be highlighting various ones on a routine and regular basis in the future.

Existing sections include

  • general art resources
  • coloured pencil resources
  • drawing resources
  • landscape and plein air painting resources
  • pastel resources
  • pencil resources
  • general blog reference sites
I'm already including resource specific blogs (eg about pencils) in these sections rather than in the list of art weblogs at the top of the coloumn - which are essentially about people making art. I'd be interested to know whether people would prefer to see the websites (not blogs) of artists (eg coloured pencil artist) added into the relevant section (like the new manufacturers sub-section in CP) or kept separate. My inclination at the moment is to still keep them separate as not all artists focus on just one medium or type of work.

New section - The Art Business
I've also added a completely new section which will be devoted to the sites I read and/or review when working on business development and marketing of my art. This section has two parts covering blogs and websites specific to the art business - as well as ones which are attuned to the way the internet is developing generally to support my sort of art business.

I'm planning to add one more section in future relating to 'light and colour' - but want to do some more development work to my website first.

A Cluster Map
I've also added a map (just under the subscriptions bit) of where all the people live who read this weblog. I have to thank Martin Stankewitz (who draws wonderful buildings and the landscape where he lives - see Freiluftmaler) for this as I spotted it on his site and went to take a peek at website of the people who are promoting this. Having checked it out, IMO it's informative without being intrusive in terms of invading people's privacy. It also updates on a regular basis if viewer numbers change by more than 10%.

If you want to see whether you might like to get one as well you need to go to

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  1. Wow -- you've put a lot of work into organizing all those links! I think it is a great idea, and now I know where to come when I need to look up something. :-)

  2. It wasn't so much a question of organisation as I've always had these phenomenal folder systems (that's the left-brain speaking!)so it was actually just pulling out all the bookmarks and thinking of some basic sections to put them in. There's lots more still to come!


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