Sunday, May 21, 2006

Drawing 102: Sketching

In June I'm going to be leading/teaching a class about sketching as part of the Drawing 102 series of classes being run in the Classroom Sub-Forum of the Wet Canvas Drawing and Sketching Forum.

Previous classes in the Drawing 101 and 102 series have enabled an awful lot of people to make lots of progress with their drawing - and I'm hoping we can have a similar success in relation to this new sketching class. I'm going to be helped by the fact that we'll be doing the class in June and hopefully the weather will be OK (should I have said that?) and people will want to get out and sketch!

The class starts in two weeks time on Monday 5th June and will run for two weeks. I'm currently doing my preparation for the class and always like to keep in touch with other people's perspectives. So I wondered whether anybody who reads this blog would like to:
  • highlight any issues that are ones they struggle with when sketching or queries they'd like the answer to.
  • tell us about what works well for you and whether you have any tips or recommendation you'd like to pass on.


  • what do you want to know about in relation to 'how to sketch'?
  • what are the things you struggle with when sketching?
  • what do you think would help you to improve your sketching skills - and results?


  • what was the most useful tip (or tips) you ever got about sketching?
  • what sort of sketching activities do you enjoy the best?
  • what recommendations do you have for people wanting to learn to sketch?

(This post is about sharing information - it's not about drumming up business for anybody's product or sales. Please note commercially oriented posts will not be approved - read this blog's comments policy )

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  1. Katherine, I will be checking out your class. I have a friend that sketches all the time. Waiting in line at the bank, etc. I buy sketchbooks and equipment and then sketch for a few days and drop it again. Maybe this class will motivate me, I do enjoy your blog. Thanks for doing the class and inspiring me to "think about" sketching again. Ha.

  2. Katherine, I enjoy reading your blog. I'm hoping to follow your class. I have a friend that sketches ALL the time, in line at the bank, etc. She sketches something instead of taking a photo. I have many sketchbooks and equipment, but start and forget about it in a few days. I know how important it is, but.... Maybe this time ..... Ha. Thank you for taking this class on. Wetcanvas is a great place to learn.

  3. What a great subject, Katherine. Hands down for me the most valuable tip I can offer is to establish your values -- darks and lights -- first. You'll be surprised how the shapes appear without needed accurate "outlining."

  4. Hmmm, makes me think I need to take a second, closer look at Wet Canvas...

    In the meantime, I know my biggest challenge is in allowing myself to relax and just sketch - in otherwords, in accepting that not every sheet of paper has to produce something wonderful.

  5. I think the most important is not beeing afraid of waisting paper! Not every sketch results in a masterpiece but in every sketch tou learn something or get some practice

  6. hello Katherine, good luck for your workshop.. one thing that has helped me is repetition.Either repeating same subject on a new sheet.. or repeating on same sheet.
    Erling Sjovold requests in his lectures that students should do something like 20 versions of a study on same sheet.

  7. I absolutely love to peek into other artists sketch books. the pages seem so alive and spontaneious. i love the simple colors and the lansdscapes that take me places around the world and in a casual sort of way. I love the idea of seeing what another person shows me to see- a connection of sorts. And it gets me motivated and enthused to go into my little sketch book and draw someting myself. Improve my skills along the way, try something different.I will be sure to check out your class. What a lot of fun that shoud be.


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