Saturday, May 06, 2006

Sketching East London #2 - Tredegar Square evening

On my walk yesterday, I diverted via Tredegar Square to sit in early evening sunshine under the pinky white blossom of the cherry trees. Tredegar Square is a very fine Georgian square - which is now a conservation area. Building started in the 1830s and was completed by 1848 - just after the year that the house that I live in was built. In the middle there is a large open space and some very odd planting arrangements.

I sat on the bench situated round about the middle and rear of this picture of the square and looked under the cherry trees towards the terrace on your left and my right, which was in shadow. This was the result.

Sketch is done with a mechanical pencil in my Moleskine. Colour added when I got home. I always find that when I add colour later I always spend a lot of time observing and making mental notes about colour. They're usually good for about 24 hours at least!

And, yes, that's a grey squirrel.......

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  1. A very satisfying picture - definately looks like a late afternoon, Spring day in London.

  2. Why do I love this so much? It is loose and cohesive at the same time. It shows the joy you felt while drawing it. It reminds me of happy days when I lived in London. The palette is brilliantly chosen.
    These are some of the reasons.


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