Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bluebell beginnings - an update

Sometimes it doesn't take long to know which bit you want to tweak next!

The image I uploaded two days ago was a lot darker than the effect I was trying for. I also wanted to get more sketchiness into the detail of the grass and bluebell leaves and more textural marks on the bark of the silver birches. Plus I wanted to redefine the path leading out of the wooded glade in the top right quadrant.

So I've been having some fun drawing with my electric eraser. With a bit of practice and a light hand it doesn't take much to use this as yet another drawing tool - cutting out the highlights and the edges which you want to be seen. The electric eraser takes off the top layer of colour off without smearing the artist quality coloured pencils and reveals what's underneath. Sometimes I then refill the erasure marks with another colour - and sometimes I don't. When I want a very clean sharp line I replace the eraser 'stub' and start to erase with a precise edge.

Comments and constructive criticism welcome.

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