Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Walk and Sketch Blogs

OK - Julie Oakley has started something and there are now people who are regularly taking their moleskines/sketchbooks and pencils/paints for a mile walk and are then sketching and walking - so I've created a new category for their blogs in the right hand column - and it stays ladies for as long as you keep walking......... ;)

Julie does maps and Alison and pedalpower both note down how far they walked!

Curious that - is it only women who want to exercise and then sketch? I know Martin (Frieluftmaler) walks regularly around his home town in Germany to sketch - but I think he does it to sketch rather than to reduce the 'blogger's bum' which was the term Julie used which caught our attention!

I'm enjoying them all - everybody has a different approach - but I'm particularly enjoying seeing more of Canberra in "5k Radius" as my sister and her family live there.

PS Julie - I have a major commitment this week and have an excuse-me note - plus as you already know I'm a fairweather sketcher and the plein air is wet!

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  1. Thanks for the new category. Just last Saturday I took my MS along on a bike ride and did a "Sketchride". i haven't posted the sketches yet, but I will soon.

    I'll be popping back to see these.

  2. We can always make this an "exercise and sketch" category! Bike rides count in my book - unfortunately I'd then have to contemplate my static exercise bike indoors for when it's raining!


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