Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The "Big Draw" 2006

The Big Draw has been running in the UK on an annual basis since 2000 - showing people how drawing can be used to interpret art collections and exhibitions and how it can engage new audiences in drawing the built and natural environment.

In 2005, 1400 "Big Draw" events, reaching over 3000,000 people, took place in 1200 venues from palaces to parks, national museums to hospitals, nurseries to universities. The "Big Draw" has apparently also now been adopted as a drawing event by leading institutions in Australia, New York and Boston.

This year the seventh Big Draw will have:
  • a focus on architecture, engineering, the Thames and the human figure.
  • events and activities between 1-31 October and,
  • a launch party at Somerset House and neighboring Kings College London on Sunday 24th September, thanks to the sponsorship of Berol, the Foyle Foundation and a private donor.

Suggestions for possible themes include:

  • Inside and Outside
  • Making Connections
  • Layers of Meaning
  • Fantasy Worlds
  • Personal histories
  • Adapt and Transform
  • Dreams and Nightmares

If stuck for an idea, the campaign for drawing says that

Drawings can be made by individuals or groups, on post-it notes or as vast murals. They can be inspired by direct experience, photographs or other kinds of visual information, made by hand or generated by computer. They can be perspectives, maps, plans, elevations, annotated sketches, measured drawings, diagrams, narratives, storyboards, animation, doodles, portraits, shadow drawings or projections.

You can find out more about the Big Draw and register for it on Once registered, you get a copy of the Drawing Inspiration booklet which describes what were some of the most successful Big Draw events around the country in 2005 and a CD with ideas for drawing events, funding advice and publicity materials.

I've got one or two ideas noted down in the back of my sketchbook! Will you be participating?

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Laureline said...

Katherine, I'm seriously going to try to participate---do you think we could rendez-vous? I'll do it alone, but it would be fun to meet you and to draw together, under such festive circumstances! Then we could stage a Parisian reprise!

Making A Mark said...

Definitely Laura. And absolutely definitely in relation to Paris!!!

I was thinking about whether it might be feasible to organise a sketchcrawl for even more particpants on one of the days. We could have one in London - and then Paris could come out as well in sympathy!

Laureline said...

Wonderful! I'd love it if Elaine of Monkeypaints and Julie Oakley could come, too! I know it would be a trek for both of them, but then, it's a trek for me, too ;D

Making A Mark said...

I've left messages on both blogs so we'll see what transpires...........

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