Friday, May 19, 2006

Tea at Fortnum and Masons after the Summer Exhibition

On the 6th June 2004 I went to see the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly and then went across the road for a cream tea in the at Fortnum and Masons. I know this as I've just found the small sketchbook which I'd lost which contains this sketch and the bill for the pot of Darjeeling and the cream tea! If you download the classic menu from the Patio Restaurant site you can see what I had to choose from!

This sketch was done using a mechanical pencil in an A6 size Black hardback black sketch book by Daler Rowney. I used a double paged spread and the sketch is about 5.5" x 8". As alway when sketching in a tea room or a restuarant, you never know when people are coming or going and I do remember that the people sketched in this one were never all in the room at the same time.

This year the 238th Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts opens to the public on 12 June and is on until 20th August. As I'm a Friend of the RA I get an invite to a Private View the week before - but they have to have several days of these to get us all though! I'm looking forwad to the Pimms!

The exhibition co-ordinators have decided that this year the theme for the exhibition is "From Life" and will be about strategies for art to respond to life and the business of living. Sounds interesting...........

Maybe I'll go to Fortnum and Masons for lunch this year - maybe with a bigger sketchbook? Maybe I need a new gallery on the website for all the drawings done in tearooms and restuarants? (You can see sketches done previously while having tea or sitting in a restaurant on my website in the "Drawing of Interiors" Gallery.)

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Papierflieger said...

I like the expression on the face of the lady listening understanding to her friend who very likely complains about the bad habits of her mother(husband, landlord etc.).Ach.. what a merciless unmasking of a tearoom drama. Didn´t you make any notes of that ??

Making A Mark said...

It was a long time ago - and a very small sketchbook! But I do sometimes make notes of the odd things you sometimes hear people say. Whether I can use them or not is quite another matter!

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