Sunday, May 14, 2006

Drawing Class 11th May

This is the drawing I did on Thursday in my drawing class. I'm rather pleased with the rapidly sketched in stance of the artist at the easel - she wasn't posing and she certainly wasn't standing still! My friend sitting on the drawing donkey tells me I didn't get his hair right!

I'm also very pleased with the face - which is tiny in reality.

Practical hints and tips for doing drawings like this one:
  • clean up the paper to get rid of any superfluous graphite which may have crept into the highlight areas otherwise you will have the most awful time trying to get a reasonable image from a photo. I forgot to do this and after the first photos had to stop, clean it up and rephotograph it!
  • use Blue-Tak to pick out tiny highlights and adjustments to them (as I did on the girl's face) . You can shape it to the size of the highlight. Rolling it over the area also softens an area of graphite.
  • if you're facing the light coming through the windows, treat it as a plein air experience and get the value pattern down quickly as it's going to change as you draw.

[Updated 17th May: to replace crop of head with a better scan and to test the image upload function]

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Maggie Stiefvater said...

Good job on creating a sense of directional light coming in through the windows. Very nice!

Laureline said...

Katherine, you've done a lovely job here, with a lot going on to deal with. I envy you this drawing opportunity. Btw, you might be interested in a fine Australian pastel artist, someone whose work I just discovered through my blog. Check out my Arty Blogs list---'the Art of Susan Borgas' is the name of her blog, I think. Sorry I didn't think to copy the url before I started to post this.

Eric Wilson said...

This is a very interesting blog with some absolutely lovely artwork. I will be back with a cup of coffee for a good read!


Making A Mark said...

Thanks Maggie!

Thanks for the tip Laura. I think I'm right in saying I've already been in contact with Susan. I've met so many new people of late through the blog that it's all starting to merge!

Eric, I hope you enjoy both your coffee and your read!

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