Friday, May 12, 2006

Ping-o-matic not responding.........again!

Apologies to anybody whose feedreader service isn't picking up my posts - although I'm not sure you will see this!

I know that Blogger automatically pings - but this isn't the syndication service which everybody uses to get blog updates. I use the Ping-o-matic service (which I understand is the default pinging service for Wordpress) after every post to reach a number of different feedreaders (or do I mean feedburners - I'm never quite sure of the difference!). Unfortunately, Ping-o-matic is poorly! [this is when I want one of those deeply ironic raised eyebrow smiley icons]. For the past few days it's only been working intermittently and when it is working it has become very slow. And at the moment, it's impossible to get into the website and impossible to ping - and no explanation. I confirmed on Technorati that others are having the same problem - I do hope it gets fixed soon. Speculation is rife that they are being swamped by pings from the ever increasing numbers of blogs and just can't cope any more. It also seems like Technorati might be having a few problems of its own as well. Bottom line - my new posts are certainly taking quite a bit longer to turn up on Bloglines.

While searching for explanations I also found this post on the "Quick Online Tips" blog which highlights a number of alternative one-click pinging services.

How do you syndicate your posts?
Are you noticing any problems?
Do you have any new pinging services to recommend?

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  1. Katherine,

    I've recently started using BolgExplosion's ping service. You can ping many directories/feedreaders at once. So far I've had no problems. Interestingly my new posts show up quicker in a Technorati search when I use BlogExlosion than when I actually ping manually at Technorati!!



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