Saturday, May 20, 2006

Catnapping # 8

This is a very quick sketch of my cat Cosmo which I did yesterday. It's #8 in his catnapping series! It's on a page of my moleskine and is done with a mechanical pencil with an HB lead. I love the way I can get good rich darks and very light tones with the leads I use.

Cosmo is a very much a 'people person' cat and he's a very happy boy since I reorganised the furniture in my study/studio and he now has a chair to sit on just behind where I sit at my computer. However, his absolutely favourite perch is on top of the arm of the armchair I often sit in when drawing. His favourite trick is just ever so slowly rolling off it on to my drawing board so that he can get a cuddle. He succeeds about half the time - the rest of the time I just yell!

You can see more of the catnapping series in my website gallery of cat drawings and there are links to other recent catnapping sketches below. I've renewed my Associate Membership of the Society of Feline Artists again and hope to be showing with them in the Annual Exhibition at the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery in September. Last time I showed with S.OF.A. at this gallery one of my coloured pencil drawings actually ended up in the gallery's window!

Note: My apologies to people with subscriptions to this blog - I realised when writing this that I'd never got round to giving the first two posts below their own individual hyperlink - hence the updates for these two posts being published.

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  1. May I ask what brand of leads you use?

  2. Hi Mr Wolf - my you look scary! ;)

    I've always used Pentel Hi-Polymer Superior leads - see my next post for pictures and more comments on them.

  3. That is some kind of COOL CAT! (I feel like a beatnic now) but tyour cat is described with just the right amount of pencil.


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