Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Still Life Nominations for Best Artwork | MAM Awards 2013

The 2013 Making a Mark Prize for Best Portrayal of a Still Life aims to highlight and celebrate excellence in creating pictures which help us to reflect on how the small and inanimate can be beautiful.

Listed below you will find the nominations for the Best Picture (Still Life) on an art blog in 2013.

 The details of the nomination process and criteria for submissions can be found in NOMINATE: Best Picture on an Art Blog in 2013 - Still Life
  • Three works will be shortlisted (including the nomination I've yet to make)
  • Larger images of the three shortlisted works will be included in the invitation to vote for the winner which will be posted on Thursday 26th December 2013
  • voting for the best picture continues until a minute after midnight on 30th December
These are the links to the other nominations for Best Picture:

Nominations for Best Picture of a Still Life on an Art Blog 2013

In the Spotlight by Ramesh Jhawar
Nominated Artwork: In the spotlight, Opaque Watercolor on Tinted Paper, 12 x 16 inches.
Nominated Artist: Ramesh Jhawar Ramesh Jhawar
Post: In the spotlight (2nd September 2013)
Nominated by: Roger Brown My Botswana Art

Well I am going to nominate a larger than normal still life,a bicycle!Its entitled (In the spotlight). I love this painting for is strong contrasts between the ultramarine and cobalt blue and how the bicycle is illuminated by a shaft of warm light.

Foiled again by K Henderson
Nominated Artwork: Foiled Again, 40" x 30" oil on linen
Nominated Artist: K Henderson | K Henderson Fine Art
Post: Foiled Again by K Henderson, 19th December 2013
Nominated by: K. Henderson Fine Art
The bright colors of the foil become subdued reflections on the table top. I love that these everyday cookies can become unique and beautiful objects.

Nominated Artwork: Lemon Still Life, oils, 55x52cm
Nominated Artist: Jos van Riswick Postcard from Holland
Post: Lemon Still Life (4th July 2013)
Nominated by: shevaun 
It's been so hard to choose this year! I like (this painting) because it is extremely well painted. It's very classical but has a freshness about it. What caught my eye was the ivy. I've been painting ivy myself this year and so have been looking closely at it. I think Jos has done a wonderful job in capturing the essence of the plant and putting movement into what would be otherwise a very static painting.
Crap on the Table by David Gluck
Nominated Artwork: Crap on the table
Nominated Artist: David Gluck | Painting Stuff to look like Stuff
Post: Hey, Wha' Happened (15th May 2013)
Nominated by: Natasha Kimstach
David Gluck is just awesome as an artist, both edgy and academic, highly accomplished technically, reminding of Dutch classics.

[Note: The nominator did not stick to one nomination as required so I took the nomination that I preferred]

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  1. Just to let you know I have received permission from the artists,for all three of the nominations that I submitted.


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