Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas - and what does your home look like?

Merry Christmas to all my regular readers - may your Christmas be peaceful and happy wherever you are.

The Christmas Hamper by Robert Braithwaite Martineau
How does the festive season look like in your home?

Here's a Christmas taster from the Tate described as being paintings of family festivities. However I'm absolutely certain the person who picked them forgot to read the explanations behind them.  It's rather ironic!

Meanwhile I hope your turkey roasts perfectly and your Christmas hampers feed you well this Christmas Day. Don't overdo the chocolates!

The paintings are:


  1. Happy Christmas, Katherine! I was half expecting you to sketch your Christmas dinner!

  2. Merry Christmas Katherine.

    I'm afraid I was too busy eating, drinking and celebrating with friends to sketch yesterday's Christmas dinner.



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