Sunday, December 15, 2013

NOMINATE: Best Picture on an Art Blog in 2013 - People

The Making a Mark Prize (2013) 
for Best Picture (Person)

This prize aims to celebrate and highlight excellence in portraiture and/or artwork predominantly involving figures

the best painting, drawing or fine print 
of a person or people 
- as seen on an Art Blog in 2013

Past winners

Previous winners of this award include:
Winner of Best Picture of the Year (Person) 2012
 Red Bow by Arto Isotalo
Prizewinners in the last three years (2010-2012) are ineligible for this award.

Who can nominate

  • Nominations are ONLY accepted from peers i.e. people with an art blog. 
  • Anonymous nominations are not permitted. (This is purely to stop spammers as I link to the blogs of all those who have nominated in a later post summarising the nominations!)
  • An artist can nominate their own work 
All nominations must be in English.

What you need to do

To nominate - just
providing all the necessary details (see below)
BEFORE 24th December 2013.

Use the comment function on this blog post to:
  • nominate an artwork which YOU think is the best artwork about a person or people in 2013. You must state:
    • the title of the piece
    • the name of the artist,
    • the size and medium (if possible)
    • the name and URL of the blog (eg The Art Blog -
    • the date, title and URL of the blog post in which the artwork appears (you MUST provide a the precise URL for the location of the post and not just the URL for the blog. Try clicking the title or the date of the post - that sometimes gives you the unique URL of the post)
  • say WHY you think this artwork deserves to be nominated
  • SAY WHY YOU LIKE THE WORK - this bit is really important so please do the best you can. Remember that nominations are open and transparent and that it's good to share a genuine tribute to a piece of work you like
You need to ask the artist if their work can be posted on my blog - and let me know what the answer is. This can happen after the nomination and BEFORE 24th December.

  • original artwork - a formal portrait or a figurative artwork which is predominantly about a single person or group of people
  • a painting (in any media) or a drawing (in any media) or a fine art print (using any method) created using hands. Digital artwork is eligible
  • completed in 2013 - and appeared on an art blog in 2013
  • by an artist who has an independent art blog(i.e. websites don't count - this is an award for art bloggers!)
  • by an artist who has not won the award in the last three years
  • submitted with the approval of the artist i.e. you need to identify an image which can be used on this blog.(you can seek their agreement after the nomination and BEFORE the announcement of nominations in a post on this blog on 24th December)

Artwork which is NOT eligible includes:
  • photography
  • over-reliant on an image taken by another person

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