Monday, December 02, 2013

I'm writing the book this week

Just to let you know that I'm writing the book this week (see I've been asked to write a book....). I've got a deadline to meet - hence the gaps in posting the last few days.

To all those artists who contacted me, I'll be writing very soon!

I think this week may see a few call for entries posts if I can fit them in....

Portrait of Ben
11" x 14", coloured pencil on Saunders Waterford Hot Press

copyright Katherine Tyrrell


  1. Good luck and good writing!!!

  2. Good luck and good writing!

  3. Are you writing it in only a week?
    Beautiful portrait Katherine. Very luminous, relaxed and airy. Having some qualities beyond depiction is important and what makes for strong portraiture.
    Do you ever submit to any of the portrait competitions?

  4. No David. 30,000 words and an awful lot of images takes a little longer....... :)

    I'm doing the sample spreads this week.

    I knew what the next post was going to be so the drawing is my small comment on the BP only taking paintings and oil, acrylic, tempera at that! Very unfair to those of us who like to draw! ;)


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