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Nature Nominations for Best Artwork | MAM Awards 2013

The 2013 Making a Mark Prize for Best Artwork on an Art Blog - Nature aims to celebrate and highlight excellence in artwork which is about Nature - botanical, natural history or wildlife  - as seen on an art blog in 2013.

Listed below you will find the nominations for the Best Picture (Nature) on an art blog in 2013. The details of the nomination process and criteria for submissions can be found in NOMINATE: Best Picture on an Art Blog in 2013 - Nature
  • Three works will be shortlisted (including the nomination I've yet to make)
  • Larger images of the three shortlisted works will be included in the invitation to vote for the winner which will be posted on Thursday 26th December 2013
  • voting for the best picture continues until a minute after midnight on 30th December
  • no lobbying is allowed

Nominations for Best Picture of Nature on an Art Blog 2013

Japanese Chrysanthemum
   © Eunike Nugroho 

Nominated Artwork: "Japanese Chrysanthemum" watercolour, 28cm x 38cm
Nominated Artist: Eunike Nugroho | Eunike Nugroho
Post: Japanese Chrysanthemum: Continuing an Unfinished Artwork 10 December 2013
Nominated by: Vicki Lee Johnston
I think it deserves to be nominated because it is a wonderful rendition of a botanical subject. I enjoy artists showing botanical subjects in a bold and lively way and this artwork exemplifies that. It would certainly have great wall appeal and allow the viewer to see well into the plant without having to peer too closely - her technique always shows a full range of tones and wonderful light and depth with gorgeous rich colours. Eunike shows the viewer the process in such a way that you feel you are in the studio with her, Just by watching the progress of this piece makes me want to paint!
Sandhill Crane Nest
© Julie Ford Oliver
Nominated Artwork: "Sandhill Crane Nest" Oil on Canvas, 48 inches x 36 inches
Nominated Artist: Julie Ford Oliver | Art Talk - Julie Ford Oliver
Post: Avian Architecture - The One That Got Away! 15 May 2013
Nominated by: John Simlett
Just about any item on her blog could win this award, however, the reason I select this particular one is because it is 'the one that got away.' That is to say, the one she rejected from her exhibition as being below par. I think it is marvellous and would love to see it in its full sized glory - but it's a long way from Yorkshire to El Paso (although she originates from Manchester). Julie is among the leading exponents of fractured techniques and makes no secrets about explaining them to us novices. Here she walks us through the research and we share in the battle and anguish, of all artists, as she produces a series of works in progress. I would love this painting to win this award as it has everything about it that I dream of achieving - but never will. It has the detail, the richness of texture and colour, the uniqueness of subject and context.
It's inspirational.
Sun Cat
© Diane Hoeptner
Nominated Artwork: Sun Cat 14" x 11" oil on wood
Nominated Artist:  Diane Hoeptner Diane Hoeptner
Post: Sun Cat December 1, 2013
Nominated by: Jeanette Jobson
Diane's paintings of cats are so beautifully soft with exquisitely detailed backgrounds in most of them. While she does work with other subjects, her cats stand out as unique.
Sun Cat is an odd looking cat, and appealing simply because of that as well as the colouring, stance and background. Its not just a painting of another cat, its a portrait that provides the essence of the animal.
Nominated Artwork: "Welsh Oak Woodlands", watercolour, 84x60cm
Nominated Artist:  Claire Ward Drawn to Paint Nature
Post: Nearly There
Nominated by: Shevaun Doherty

Welsh Oak woodlands
©  Claire Ward
The reason why I like this is because it is an enormous labour of love, taking most of this year to complete. It depicts the little treasures found in a woodland throughout the seasons. Each little piece was carefully chosen and exquisitely rendered.


Gatepost productions said...

Where do we vote, please?

Making A Mark said...

In this post http://makingamark.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/vote-for-best-artwork-on-art-blog-2013.html

suzannepaints said...

Best Portrayal of Nature has no voting booth. I also checked the link you mentioned.

Making A Mark said...

I'm rotating the polls and this one accidentally lost its poll for about an hour or so.

It's now reinstated

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