Friday, December 27, 2013

Apologies for the double publication of the Best Picture Post

I'm not sure what happened but the post with all the Polls to vote for the Best Picture on an Art Blog in 2013 suddenly disappeared this afternoon - some 6 hours after its original publication.

I still can't work out what happened.

It appears that it somehow reverted to edit mode.  So I've republished it.

All should now be fine except you might get it again in your inbox if you have an email subscription

My apologies for cluttering up your inbox if this happens.

UPDATE: Just had a question about the Polls - and I should have made this clear:
  • the polls are hosted on Polldaddy - completely independent of the Call For Votes Post - and are and were completely unaffected
  • That mean's you don't need to vote again
  • If you try you should find that the system won't let you!


  1. I still don't see a poll to vote for the drawing category.

  2. What's the drawing category?

    There are four polls for the best Picture of a Person , Place, still Life and Nature in this post

  3. I voted on the first post. Should I vote again, or would my vote still be there?

  4. I voted yesterday in the first post. Will my vote still be there or should I vote again?

  5. No - the votes are fine - it's only the post I had a problem with

    The Polls themselves are all independently hosted on Polldaddy so they are completely unaffected

  6. Neat to see the one I voted for in each category
    received the most votes when the screen popped up.
    I really like your choices.



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