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Landscape Nominations for Best Artwork | MAM Awards 2013

The 2012 Making a Mark Prize for Best Portrayal of a Place aims to celebrate and highlight excellence in creating pictures about places in our environment - both landscapes and interior scenes

Listed below you will find the nominations for the Best Picture (Place) on an art blog in 2013.

Three works will be shortlisted (including the nomination I've yet to make) and larger images of the three shortlisted works will be included in the invitation to vote for the winner which will be posted on Thursday 26th December

Voting for the best picture continues until a minute after midnight on 30th December

The details of the nomination process and criteria for submissions can be found in NOMINATE: Best Picture on an Art Blog in 2013 - Place

These are the links to the other nominations for Best Picture:

Nominations for Best Picture of a Place on an Art Blog 2013

The Hurlers
More Hurlers
Nominated Artwork: Diptych - The Hurlers, Oil on canvas, 20 x 30" + 20 x 30" and More Hurlers Oil on canvas, 20 x 30"
Nominated Artist / Art Blog: Amanda Bates | Amanda Bates: Artist
Post: The Hurlers and More Hurlers -  22 July and 25 September 2013
Nominated by: Amanda Bates

I'm nominating my own work, 'cos I'm allowed to, and because I'm rather pleased with this one (or two - it's a diptych). The second post refers & links to the first post, and shows both canvases together.
  • Why it deserves to be nominated: Because I put a lot of time, thought and effort into these. I even had to tidy the living room up (to use the big easel) twice!
  • Why I like it: I think it has turned out very well. I like the hint of mysticism embedded in the solid reality of the stones; I like the grey sky and grim aspect, because that it what moors are like, most of the time; I like that the site is not one of the really obvious stone circles, but that it's still impressive; I like that it is definitively Cornish (because you can see engine houses), but not stereotypically Cornish (you can't see the sea). I think that the knife treatment, the palette, and the size, all come together to describe this unique place without being exceedingly literal (there are an awful lot of standing stones on the Hurlers site; these paintings only represent a few of them).

Pirie Crossing by Mike Barr
Nominated Artwork: Pirie Street Crossing, 30x30cm, oil on board
Nominated Artist / Art Blog: Mike Barr | http://artofbarr.blogspot.com
Post:  Pirie Street Crossing
Nominated by: Roger Brown My Botswana Art
I love a number of his paintings especially his rainy street scenes as he is quite adept at capturing that type of atmosphere.I like this paintings perspective and how it draws the viewer in its rainy depths.

Nominated Artwork: Cache?? (date??)

Nominated Artist / Art Blog: Jeremy MirandaJeremy Miranda 
Post: ??
Nominated by: Maud Guilfoyle
I would like to nominate Jeremy Miranda's landscape painting , 1/ 17/ 2013, the first image of six. I like Miranda's imagery and handling of paint. His paintings of Icebergs are beautiful and iconic. Although the viewer is aware the icebergs are melting, some of his paintings offer an alternative doorway into a semi-tropical landscape or greenhouse garden that is an intriguing sliver of hope.
[Note: I cannot identify one painting.  All Miranda's paintings of icebergs were completed in 2011 and hence are NOT eligible.  This award is about one painting - not a blog of paintings.] 

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  1. Thank you and an apology! First, thank you for all your efforts to do this each year, I very much appreciate the care and time you take to present this. I apologize for my unclear nomination. "Cache" was title/label on jpg posted on 1/17/13, the first of 6 images. I should have contacted Jeremy Miranda beforehand to verify date the painting was finished as I realize it may have been completed before 2013.
    Maud Guilfoyle


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