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Artists websites: still a lot to do to update / upgrade for mobile devices

Some 28% of you have updated your website so it integrates better with social media.  A third of you recognise that you need to do more to keep up with the technological change associated with the explosion on the use of mobile devices

This is based on the responses to the November Making A Mark POLL: When was the last time you updated your website?. Below you can see the art produced which ranks the most popular responses according to frequency.

Making A Mark Poll: When was the last time you updated your website?
46 votes (November 2013)
In order of being proactive

  • 11% of artists have upgraded to sites offering much better technical support.  This is a euphemism these days for  finding a site which has the capacity to deliver a site which is compatible with all normal mobile devices.
  • 28% of artists are on top of the need to integrate with social media.  You are the people recognise how a lot of traffic arrives at a website these days!
  • A third of artists have made minor changes but recognise more needs to be done.  I suspect most of you are in the same boat as me - recognising that EVERYTHING now needs to be mobile compatible but have not yet managed to get the website sorted
  • Nearly a third of artists (29%) have done nothing with their website of late except maybe (7%) think about whether it needs up dating.  Within the content of the current level of technological change, as described in the post introducing the poll, this is maybe not the smartest move.

Here's why - go to your website URL on a smartphone or a tablet and answer these questions:
Is your site compatible with mobile devices (smartphones and iPads/tablets)?
  1. Can you see and read the text straight away?
  2. Can you navigate around the site easily?
  3. Can you see all the pictures quickly and without needing to do lots of adjustments to bring them up to the right size?
If you can't answer 'Yes' to all those questions it means your website or blog does not have a template and design which automatically resizes and reconfigures when a site is accessed via a mobile device.

Which basically means it's about the same as having no website at all.

My blogs are fine and compatible with mobile sites - and my website is not and needs sorting.  I'm waiting on Sitekreator at the moment who are proving to be very slow to get on top of getting the mobile compatibility dimension.

The message which is beginning to come through clearly is that few if anybody is doing a website the old fashioned way - crafting the html etc - because of the need to be mobile compatible.

Thinking of changing/upgrading your website?

Do have a read of the comments on the last post as these indicate the successes (or otherwise) that people have had with changing and upgrading their websites

Tell me what you want to know about re the technical development of websites and blogs

I'm making no promises about delivering results but I am interested to know what questions people want answered in relation to developing their presence online - and keeping up with the technological change relating to mobile devices and other changes.

So what's the question that you want to know the answer to?

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  1. I have switched my website to Square to make sure that my website is Ipad and Smart Phone friendly. To ignore your website, especially if you sell directly to the public is like turning your back on sales. I suggest to look for sites that automatically change the sizes of your images to fit the screens they are shown on. It makes life much easier when one can upload one image that automatically gets resized.

    I just wish I could find a better way to entice my readers to leave comments. Sometimes writing blogposts without receiving comments on the actual blog can get frustrating.


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