Sunday, December 22, 2013

Best Picture Nominations deadline 24th December 2013

Just a reminder that the nominations deadline for the Making A Mark Best Picture of the Year is BEFORE 24th December.

On the basis of nominations received to date I'm wondering whether people have lost interest - and whether it might be to better to cancel the Making A Mark Awards for the Best Picture on an Art Blog.

If I get enough nominations, they will be will be published on 24th December for each of the Best Picture Categories - with voting on a shortlist then starting on 26th December.

Otherwise I'll be having a longer Christmas break than usual!

This year has been very disappointing as I've received a lot fewer nominations than usual. It's even more disappointing as there has been a healthy level of involvement in putting people forward for the awards every year since 2007.

There's been some speculation on Facebook as to why that might be.
  • I published the invitation to nominate later than usual. That was unfortunate but unavoidable. 
  • The current view is that people are reading blogs less and Facebook more and hence don't know what paintings people have published on their blogs.  I think that's a very great pity if that's true.

The current state of play on nominations of artwork drawn, painted or printed in 2013 and posted to an art blog in 2013 is as follows:

Remember the only people who are not eligible for nomination are those who have won that particular award in the last three years.  Each post above lists who these people are.

Nominations for the other awards need to posted as comments on the relevant post BEFORE 29th December.  The posts about the rest of the Making A Mark Awards - which will continue - will be on 29th and 30th December.

Links to all the nomination posts can be found in the right hand column.