Wednesday, November 03, 2010

POLL: What price is affordable art?

The November Making A Mark Poll  is about affordable art PLUS
  • what price is perceived to make art affordable (in $ and £) and 
  • the reasons why art is determined to be affordable.
A Crisp Clear Morning - with frost
coloured pencils on Arches HP
copyright Katherine Tyrrell
What price is affordable art? 

Different places define it in different ways.
Established in 1999, AAF is the leading showcase for affordable contemporary art. As a fine art fair promoting original art, AAF is for galleries and dealers rather than individual artists. At least three artists need to be shown on a stand, all artists must be living and all work must be original and priced under the ceiling of £3,000/€5,000/$10,000. 
Hence why the November Making A Mark Survey is about what artists think is affordable art.  The results should be interesting - and might help you pitch your prices for Chirstmas gift sales of your art!

I suggest you think about it purely from your own personal perspective - either in terms of where your own personal price barriers are or alternatively your own experience of where sales start to tail off - or maybe a mix of both!

I'm providing a number of options in two opinion polls for two different currencies - the US$ and the GB£.  Please only answer one.  However if you work out your answer to the other, you might be surprised if you work out the exchange rate.

Note the polls assume
  • you have a top limit -and that you might buy at any level up to that budgetary or psychological limit. 
  • affordable art is whatever it is - it could be original art, fine art printmaking, giclee prints - whatever
Why not have a side bet with yourself as to whether or not you can identify what you think is the big price hurdle in the dollar or sterling economy?

What is affordable art (in US$)?
  • less than $50
  • less than £100
  • less than $250
  • less than $500
  • less than $750
  • less than $1,000
  • less than $3,000
  • less than $5,000
  • less than $10,000
What is affordable art in (GB£)?
  • less than £50
  • less than £100
  • less than £250
  • less than £500
  • less than £750
  • less than £1,000
  • less than £3,000
  • less than £5,000
  • less than £10,000
The poll closes very early on 30th November and the analysis should be posted later the same day.
You can find the polls just above the block of followers faces in the right hand column.

What do you think determines what is affordable art?

At the same time as you complete the survey, I'd be very grateful if you took a moment to think about affordable art.  I'd be really interested to hear your views:
  • what do you think are the factors which influence whether or not art is perceived as affordable?
  • what do you think other people (non-artists) think is affordable?

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